Why toxins are piling up in your body right now and how to get rid of them

11 Mar 2020

Your body is going through some intense changes right now and we're sure you want to help it. See how!

Dieting and toxins

It’s very simple. Human body is amazing at maintaining the balance, keeping you healthy and energized. Locking the bad stuff from your blood stream in your own fat stores is one of the brilliant ways it’s done.

Fat loss of course releases these so-called toxins or certain chemicals, called persistent organic pollutants, and puts them back into the blood stream.

The faster the fat loss, the bigger the shock to our body.

Elimination is key

If you’re trying to lose just a few pounds – meaning you’re not carrying a very high percentage of body fat – or if you’re taking it slow, you won’t even feel it. If you’re losing a lot of body fat, however, some focus on a body cleanse could be beneficial for you.

Good news is that kidneys, liver and our digestive system will do the work. All you have to do is help them a little bit – with water, fibre, selenium, bitters and antioxidants.

Natural substances that don’t cost you much are the best supporters of your own cleansing mechanisms.

4 things that will speed up the detoxifying phase

  • Drinking at least 2 litres of water each day will stimulate your kidneys. Adding a little bit of lemon juice to your water or taking Vitamin C supplement with it is also a good idea.
  • Eating bitters like dandelion and eating foods high in selenium (like garlic and brazil nuts) will support your liver detoxification.
  • Eating 20-30 grams of fibre each day is important because this will help you push all the bad stuff out of your body – as fast as possible.
  • Eating fresh vegetables and fruits (especially dark leafy greens, red beats, red carrots and berries), and oily fish (like sardines and salmon), will provide your body with free-radicals fighting antioxidants and omega 3 that will make it stronger and more efficient in keeping an internal balance.