Why not keeping your diet a secret is very important right now

11 Mar 2020

Share your weight loss plan even before you lose the first pound!

The reason why it’s so important to share your weight loss plans is simple – it will hold you accountable.

Like quitting smoking, excessive drinking or any other big lifestyle change, going on a diet has a progression curve.

At first, we’re super excited about it but eventually it gets hard and our reasoning for starting the change in the first place might get a bit fuzzy. Having a support system for those hard times is very important!

How to create a support system and be ready for the hard times

Find your why

Why are you trying to lose weight? Like really. Why? It can be superficial, vein, silly – but the answer you’ll give to yourself must be true. Knowing your why is crucial for the hardest times.

Create reminders

When knowing your why, it’s important not to forget it. Some do it with daily visualisations (like imagining how your life will look like when you reach your goals) some prefer affirmations, some just do post-it-note reminders.

Allow yourself to be reminded by someone

Honestly, when it gets too hard, no post-it-note reminder will be enough. One day, that burger will look too good to say no to, alcohol will shut down your determination, or sadness will bury you in emotional hunger. You have to be prepared for that.

You have to have someone to call when times get tough – especially if you know that your weight loss journey will take some time.

Having that one person to call just so you can share your frustration or hard moments, it’s like having a mentor for AA members.

Call them when it gets too much. Let yourself be reminded of what you wanted, how far you already came and that you’re an amazing person for doing this.

It’s ok to be vulnerable. Because admitting that vulnerability will make you stronger.

Let everyone know

This one depends on how private of a person you are. Of course, you can keep your weight loss agenda to yourself or share it with just the closest people in your life. However, stating your plan out loud and letting everyone know will change your surroundings. Even though you might feel naked sharing your plan, letting everyone know what you’re doing will add an additional why to your motivation arsenal.

Feeling we have something to prove – not only to ourselves but to others as well, can be a strong motivator.