Why drinking alcohol can ruin your efforts

6 Mar 2020

Think that a few beers won’t hurt when you’re trying to lose a few pounds? Think again.

Even if you don’t drink often, you’ll do best if you just stop drinking altogether while dieting. However, understanding how alcohol ruins our diet, could be a good idea for everyone, no matter how often you reach for a glass.

When we understand HOW and TO WHAT EXTENT something is ruining our progress, we often make the decision easier.

#1 | Alcohol is very caloric

Alcohol has 7 calories per gram… Calories and not much more. Sure, red wine has some valuable antioxidants, but same super nutrition elements could be found in dark chocolate, black tea, berries and so on.

A small can of beer has around 150 kcal, a glass of wine 120, and a shot of whiskey 100. Cocktails, sweet wine, liqueur and cider can have even more calories.

#2 | Malnutrition and getting fat

If you’re at a party or you want to make a toast with some champagne, of course you can skip a snack or two to make sure you’re not exceeding your recommended daily caloric intake. Doing this on a regular basis, though, it’s a bad idea.

Just like protein, carbohydrates and fats, our body uses alcohol for fuel. Alcohol, however, is always used first – before the carbs and fats you’ve consumed during the day.

This is why drinking a few tall beers – that can easily amount to 800 calories or more – makes it pretty much impossible to control your weight. After all the alcohol will be used, your body will most likely not need more energy. Thus, all unused sugar and fats that you ate the same day will, unfortunately, find a new home in form of fat reserves.

#3 | It makes you want to eat more

You think you're the only one that can completely ignore chips on the table when you're sober but will easily eat half a bag if slightly intoxicated? Well, this is normal. And not just with people.

Scientists conducted an experiment with rats, when for 3 days they were given alcohol and all three days they ate significantly more food than on other days.