Party guide during dieting

11 Mar 2020

Getting ready for a party but you don’t want to fall of the wagon? Easy! Check these tips out.

Everybody loves a good party – it’s just what KIND of party you like… Of course, alcohol and junk food are not essential for a great gathering but unfortunately these guys are most common additions to a fun night.

You can totally stay on track with your diet – just make a plan in advance and stick to it.

Choose your glass


  • Water
  • Tea
  • Sparkling water

How much: Unlimited

Tip: Who says you can’t have a tall glass of water on the rocks with a slice of lemon there?


  • Dry wine
  • Champagne
  • Spritzer
  • Whiskey, vodka, gin (straight)

How much: 1-2 glasses

Tip: Decide how many glasses you will allow yourself in advance.


  • Sweet wine
  • Beer
  • Liqueurs 
  • Mixing spirits with soda
  • Cocktails

How much: 0

Tip: Mix your spirits with diet coke or club soda if mixed drinks are your absolute favourite.

Need a snack?


  • Hummus with carrots and celery sticks
  • Cucumber bites with cream cheese and smoked salmon
  • Caprese salad with light mozzarella
  • Pickles and turkey breast salami
  • Avocado hummus and veggies

How much: 2 handfuls

Tip: No matter if you're a guest or a host – making sure there will be healthy snacks is important


  • Brie and walnuts
  • Popcorn
  • Light chips
  • Prosciutto on asparagus
  • Grapes and almonds
  • Melon cubes
  • Tortilla chips with home-made red salsa
  • Feta with black olives

How much: 1 handful

Tip: Don't punish yourself if tonight isn’t a perfect dieting day – but keep an eye on your portions


  • Regular chips
  • Vegetable chips
  • Tortilla chips with store-bought dips like nacho and guacamole
  • Full fat cheeses with bread and meat cuts
  • Pizza 

How much: 0

Tip:Eat before coming to a party and bring some healthy snacks with you if you want

Few other things you can do

  • Exercise before going to the party and next day – even if it’s just a 1-hour walk.
  • Stay hydrated the whole day and don’t forget about drinking water during the party. This will ensure you’re not puffy and your metabolism is on point during indulging.
  • Take carb and fat blockers to decrease the caloric intake at the party.
  • Make sure to have a great sleep afterwards. This will save you from eating from exhaustion the next day.
  • Bring a supportive friend. Include them into you plan, let them help you if you’ll be lacking motivation at some point.