How visualisation can help you commit to your goal

21 Apr 2020

Tiger Woods does it, Michael Jordan did it, and they didn’t JUST make their dreams come true. They were champions! See how you can use their techniques for losing weight.

It’s completely normal to struggle sometimes when it comes to reaching our goals or desired outcome. That can be losing weight, quitting smoking or winning the race.

The fact that making our wishes come true is complicated, should not be an excuse for giving up.

Any form of success comes from:

  • Setting your goal
  • Creating a strategy (or realising what you need to do to get there)
  • Working towards your goal – no matter how hard it is

No fairy tale there. But there is something that could help you with motivation and keeping up with your game-plan even when it’s hard. Visualisations.

Athletes know the power of visualisation

If you’re a sports nut we’re sure you’re aware of some remarkable athletes that are using visualisations to help themselves achieve what they want.

American alpine ski racer Lindsey Vonn (and others) used to visualize her skiing paths and used her hands to mimic the necessary skis movement.

Michael Jordan was famous for visualizing making a winning shot of the game.

Tiger Woods has been using the power of visualization since he was a child. He's known for saying he never takes the shot without seeing it completely first – in his mind, of course.

How visualization works

Neuroscience says visualization has its power because human brain interprets something that is imagined the same way as something seen in real life.

Observing yourself making a perfect shot or achieving any goal you’ve set for yourself, subconsciously, is giving you a sensation of already having what you want. It's an equivalent to a real-life experience.

And getting back to a place you appreciated is always easier than doing something for the first time. After a good visualization session your brain will be able to act like it's guided by memory.

Dieting is just as susceptible to the power of visualisation

Visualizing yourself achieving your goal, stepping on the scale and finding for the first time that you're at your desired body weight, feeling that pride and joy, is a powerful thing for motivation.

Going a step further and imagining yourself spending time at home, in the restaurant or at the friend's party, enables to observe yourself free of your weight problems.

Now ask yourself; How much do you eat? Do you order a cake and maybe eat just half – like that skinny friend that can eat everything, but, really, if you think about it, she just eats really small portions? Do you work out? Are you fit and feeling strong – not just physically but mentally as well?

Dig deep and observe yourself in your dream land. If you can imagine it, you can achieve it. Your brain is already there, your body just needs to catch up.

Start today

If you haven't looked for your WHY yet, do it today. And when you know what really motivates you and WHY you're doing this...progress to visualization of you owning your victory.