How to get into a workout mood when you feel lazy

10 Mar 2020

Learn how to motivate yourself when you just won’t get off the couch to work out.

Technically speaking, delaying with your workout is the same as any form of procrastination. The good thing about this is that solution to it is also the same. You just have to do it.

But there are a few tricks how to motivate yourself to do what you must.

Discover your WHY

It’s very important to discover your WHY when you start your weight loss challenge. It’s the most real reason why you want to lose weight and shape your body. No matter how vain, silly or serious your reason is, allow yourself to feel it, let it empower you.

Remind yourself daily

When you know your WHY, you’ll be able to motivate yourself best. Write your motivation messages on pieces of paper and put them everywhere – on your phone, in your wallet, on your desk monitor, in your car, on all the mirrors, on the fridge, in the freezer drawers, on the bed stand, in your purse and winter coat pocket…everywhere.

Perfect is the enemy of the good

Sometimes we feel so tired we don’t even try to do the workout. But the truth is ANY effort is better than none. Even if you’ll be able to do half of the exercises, it’s better than nothing at all.

Don’t try to be perfect, just try!

1 rule!

One of the best tricks to sticking with habits is to make each habit you want to last a rule. In case of exercising and sticking to your workout plan this works just as well.

Create 1 rule – decide under what condition you’re allowed to get out of scheduled exercise. No matter what, NEVER BREAK THE RULE.


  • I can get out of a workout, if I do 200 squats
  • I can get out of a workout, if I walk for 1 hour.
  • I can get out of a workout, if I do double the work next time.
  • I can get out of a workout, if I follow my weight loss meal plan to a T for a whole following week.
  • I can get out of a workout, if I ride my stationary bike for 20 minutes.

Remember, however, this rule should be your last resort. You had a dream and understand your WHY. Be kind to yourself and make your dreams come true.