How to eat clean when on the go and at social events

6 Mar 2020

We checked four different scenarios and gathered our best tips and favourite go-tos when we’re on a diet and still trying to stay on track.

There's nothing more frustrating than winning with your diet and all of a sudden someone invites you to a party, lunch, dinner or the movies.

Being in that kind of situation before you've mastered your new way of eating can be challenging. So, here are a few tips on what to do at social events that involve eating.

The list to remember:

Since this is one of the most important rules of your diet, you probably know this one:

When in a restaurant, focus on the vegetarian menu: soups, salads, side dishes and appetizers. Replace fried with grilled, white rice with steamed vegetables, order coffee instead of deserts and try not to drink more than one glass of wine. But there's more to that. Eating clean it's not that difficult. However, the level of difficulty rises with the drop of quality of the restaurant you’re visiting.

If you're going to a nice Italian place, you can still order beef carpaccio for appetizer, salad with chicken or Explant Parmesan for the main course, and cappuccino with a small portion of fresh fruit for dessert. When going to McDonald’s... Not so easy, right?

So, try to at least influence the situation so you'll be able to eat at an okay restaurant, and stay on the lookout of the least processed foods on the menu. Even in McDonald’s you'll find a salad, falafel wrap and a diet coke.

Surviving a party

One day you'll have to go to a party and eating chips and sipping wine will be the last thing you want to do at that time. But fear not! The majority of events are conscious of the importance of offering non-alcoholic drinks, and friends will be even more supportive because... well, they're your friends!

Water, diet coke, sugar-free energy drinks and coffee will not add any caloric surplus to your daily caloric intake but will keep you occupied. And don't worry if they're not clean foods. We're not striving for perfection; we're trying to make this sustainable, remember?

If you really want to toast with some alcohol, you can have 1 glass of spirit, champagne, or dry wine. Cocktails, liqueurs, sweet wines and beers are not recommended during the diet.

Great snack options are popcorn, veggie sticks and dip, light chips, and fruit.

Still, we recommend you bring some snacks you'll want to eat to the party and share them. Cucumbers with light cream cheese and salmon, or hummus and carrots are great snack foods, that everyone will appreciate.

Going to the movies

Who doesn’t like going to the movies every now and then? And if you can’t say no to movie snacks, shoot for a small portion of chocolate covered almonds or popcorn.

The best thing to do though, is packing some almonds and chopped apples into a bag and bringing your healthy snacks to the movies with you.

Camping, hiking, and road trips, oh my!

Easy! You need something that’s light, that will fill you up, but at the same time will be as clean as possible, so it won’t throw you out of whack.

Apples, almonds, raw bars, prunes or dried apples (without added sugar), carrot and celery sticks, clementines or pomelo are all perfect snacks for the road. You can also make a Salad lunch wrap from your Beformance recipe book or mix regular Greek salad with a few spoonfuls of beans or quinoa.