How to advance your fitness level by simply walking every day

6 Mar 2020

Check why and how you should incorporate regular walking into your workout routine and get weight loss results faster.

If you want your weight loss to happen faster and last longer, regular activity is a very important component of your journey. We recommend you follow Beformance video workout programme, but what you do on your rest day it’s just as important.

If you don’t like running, hiking and cycling, walking is still a very powerful activity.

Don’t be fooled – walking IS a form exercise

Walking is a low to moderate impact activity and it’s actually ideal for fat loss because human body uses higher percentage of fat if it’s not pushed to its limits.

Walking 10.000 steps a day burns around 3.500 kcal per week which is equal to half a pound of fat. This means that solely by walking you can create a big enough caloric deficit to lose a pound of fat biweekly, which is a perfect weight loss tempo.

10.000 steps / day = - 3.500 kcal / week = - ½ a pound of fat / week

How much 10.000 steps actually is

Generally speaking, 10.000 steps make a nice 1-hour walk, but, of course, it depends on your fitness level, how fast you’re walking, on what kind of surface, elevation and so on.

If you want to check how much you’re walking right now, technology is on your side.

Best ways to measure your daily steps:

  • Pedometer
  • Smart phones
  • Smart watches
  • Activity trackers

Walking for endurance and walking for strength

Holistic workout schedule usually combines both – endurance and strength. In case of walking, endurance exercise helps you take longer walks and strength exercise effect how fast you’re able to walk and enjoy more demanding terrains.

In short, it’s best to combine speed walk and long walks.

Speed walk: Shorter walk but with a pace that elevates your heartbeat to the point it would be hard to speak during the activity.

Slow walk: Enjoyable walk of lower intensity but lasts longer.

How to start

It all depends on you. We suggest you take a simple test; Try to do 10.000 steps in one go.

If you can’t do 10.000 in one go

If you can’t do 10.000 in one go (no matter how slow) focus on endurance and slowly increase number of steps every day. If your muscles or knees get too sore, you can skip your training for 1 day per week. When reaching the 10.000 milestone, move to the next stage.

10.000 steps is just right for you

When you’re able to do 10.000 in one go, build a habit and start walking every day: 10 minutes slowly, 5 minutes as fast as you can, and finish with moderate-speed. When you build your stamina, add those fast-paced intervals every 10 minutes – one by one.

10.000 is too easy for you

When 10.000 steps in one go is too easy despite frequent 5-min speed-walk intervals, start shooting for 15.000 steps a day.

Start with focusing on endurance and when that milestone is reached, start incorporating strength training with 5-min speed-walk intervals every 10 minutes of normal walk. If you can, try to do some intervals uphill.