How focus can help you get fit faster

10 Mar 2020

Practicing this form of mindfulness will speed up your workout and weight loss results. And it’s super easy too!

Have you ever heard about the mind-muscle connection? It’s an expression of heightened awareness of movement and immediate benefits that are linked to it.

If you think about it, we’ve all done it. We all focus extra hard if we want to keep our balance, finish those last 10 steps of a sprint with top speed, holding a dumb bell for longer or throwing a disk further. These are all examples of pushing our physical limits but with the power of the mind also. This is mind-muscle connection (MMC).

Good news is you can practice MMC and by that improve synaptic connections between brain and muscles and consequently get toned faster.

In layman’s terms, mind-muscle connection is a form of mindfulness that has a powerful effect on body shaping and weight loss. The more you’re aware of your muscle moves, the faster your muscles advance and shape your figure.

The study: Focusing on muscle moves while training will boost the efficiency of the workout

In 2018, European Journal of Sports Science published an article that summarised the findings of the 8-week long experiment in which two groups were compared. One group was training with special awareness of muscle moves, and the second one was just focusing on the lift.

The group of focused workouts improved the strength of their biceps by 16.2% and their counterparts by only 2.6%.

Same experiment showed positive result in lower body muscles also, but with a lesser effect. Still, losing focus during exercises, will slow you down.

If you want to see results faster, tone your body, increase your metabolism with ease, and speed up your dieting efforts, not spacing out during your workouts is very important.