How dancing is a great help during weight loss

21 Apr 2020

We're not just talking about the fact that while dancing you burn pretty much the same number of calories as while running or swimming. No, this is bigger!

Even though we do not perceive it as such, dancing is an awesome physical activity – with all the benefits common for aerobic workouts.

Provenly, 30 minutes of dancing:

  • Uplifts your spirit
  • Reduces anxiety and relaxes you
  • Regenerates brain (dancing is even being used to treat Parkinson's disease and dementia)
  • Burns the same number of calories as taking an easy 30-min swim or run

No surprise there, right?

Dancing is a healthy activity and you can totally go dancing for the night and call it a workout. Zumba and other popular dancing workouts are a great idea too.

Not our point though.

What we're aiming for is the happiness factor of dancing.

Moving your body with the music boosts your serotonin levels and improves your ability for decision making. All while you relax your body and mind.

This means dancing is IDEAL activity when you feel like you going to fall off the wagon, you're struggling with food cravings or feeling down and frustrated.

Next time you'll feel like you might eat from boredom or sadness, put your ear buds in, pick your favourite dance song and dance. Learn how to use music and dancing INSTEAD of food when emotionally hungry.