7 Beformance low-carb eating rules

22 Apr 2020

Check out these seven rules, learn them by heart and make sure you see progress you desire.

The list to remember:

1. Try sticking to your meal plan as much as possible otherwise it will be hard to reach ketosis in the 3rd week.

Your programme is designed so you won't feel uncomfortable lowering your carbohydrates intake, but will still enjoy fast progress, especially after reaching ketosis.

2. When still hungry, never add carbs to your meals.

In the first two weeks you can add protein to your meals (whey, eggs, chicken or turkey breast, fish, lean beef) and after that choose fat instead.

Too much protein can throw you out of ketosis just as carbs can. If you stick with this diet for longer though, we suggest you to buy a ketone blood meter and experiment how much protein you can eat while still staying in ketosis.

Some people are more sensitive to protein during keto than others.

3. If you have to go off meal plan focus on these low-carb foods

Leafy greens

Oily fish

Summer vegetables

Nuts and seeds


4. When in a restaurant, focus on salads with protein, seafood dishes without carbs, and grilled meat with mixed salad as a side. Don't order fried food, order coffee instead of a desert and don't drink alcohol.

5. Always have a fistful of almonds on hand. Going low-carb is easy but you have to be prepared for unexpected situations. Almonds are a perfect snack to save you when you're hungry but cannot find the time or suitable food to eat.

6. Drink at least 2 litres of water every day. It will help you stay on track, feel energised and avoid keto flu symptoms.

If drinking so much water is challenging for you, you can incorporate unsweetened tea and plain vegetable or bone broth in your day.

7. Try to avoid alcohol completely for at least 30 days. Even though spirits (like whiskey and vodka) don't have carbs, drinking while dieting is challenging because alcohol often makes us overeat or fall off the wagon.