5 Beformance clean eating rules

5 Mar 2020

Check out these five rules, learn them by heart and be empowered and confident in your new way of eating.

The list to remember:

1. Most importantly, remember one thing: If it comes in a package, maybe you shouldn’t eat it.

2. Second more important thing: Do not get obsessed with perfection. Effort is key. The cleaner and more natural you eat, the more alive you'll feel. But make it comfortable and sustainable for yourself.

3. In case of hunger you can add these 5 foods to your meals that won't ruin your progress

Leafy greens


Cruciferous vegetables



4. When in a restaurant, focus on the vegetarian menu: soups, salads, side dishes and appetizers. Replace fried with grilled, white rice with steamed vegetables, order coffee instead of deserts and try not to drink more than one glass of wine.

5. Keep an eye on your cravings. Daydreaming about very calorically dense foods like French fries, cake and ice cream could be a sign of stress or lack of sleep. Food will never replace laughter, sleep or relaxation. Never mix up those needs.