Beformance: A holistic weight-loss programme

100% personalised, 100% you

We've challenged some of the top scientists, nutrition and fitness experts to help us develop a personalised approach to weight loss that adapts to your current fitness level, food and exercise preferences, and mindset.

With Beformance, you can do you, and do it in a way that helps you reach your body goals as effectively as possible.

Beformance programmes are a 100% synergistic combination of:

  • the best-in-class workout programmes,
  • easy-to-follow nutrition guides and
  • premium-grade supplements that can help you reach your goals – at your own pace.

The smarter way to lasting results

We don't believe in fad and crash diets or in magic pills. Real results require real work. That's why we developed a comprehensive and personalised approach to weight loss that supercharges your progress at three different levels: nutrition, exercise and supplements.

Top quality and nothing but

All our products are based on science and backed by it. And that applies to not only the nutrition and workout plans but also our premium-grade selection of supplements. They're made from the purest and strongest natural ingredients, purchased from the most trustworthy sources that are obliged to regularly renew their certificates to prove the integrity of their goods.

Pharmaceutical-grade supplements

Our unwavering commitment to quality leads us to extensive product testing. All our raw materials are subjected to a thorough trace metal analysis and exhaustive microbiological tests performed by an independent laboratory. Our supplements are made in our cutting-edge pharmaceutical plant, according to the strictest EU and pharmaceutical standards (HACCP and GMP). To ensure the highest possible quality, the final products are subjected to additional rigorous testing before launch.

Endorsed by professionals

Our team of personal trainers and nutritionists

“Beformance helps you shape your body with a holistic approach to weight loss that proves to be super effective for beginners, recreational and advanced athletes alike. It guides you through the entire process from start to finish. The programme is easy to follow and don’t require any special equipment. Just take it step by step, success is guaranteed.”

Gašper Predanič

Athlete and Personal Trainer

With decades of invaluable experience in training and coaching athletics, hockey, skiing and basketball, Gašper knows there are no shortcuts to success. He’s found out first-hand that to get there, you need knowledge, experience, guidance and a comprehensive approach to training. Over the course of his 35-year-long sports career, he’s helped up the performance of over 150 different athletes including NBA players.

“The Beformance programme was developed to help people achieve their body goals in a healthy way. When it comes to weight-loss, balance is key to long-term success, and, as a co-creator of the programme, I couldn’t be happier to be able to share my knowledge and experience to help people lead healthier lives.”

Eka Homovec

Athlete, Personal Trainer and Nutrition Consultant

From dancing, running, kickboxing and going to the gym to doing pilates and yoga, Eka has been living and breathing sports from an early age. Her approach is based on a healthy lifestyle as a result of a balanced diet, exercise and spiritual growth. She strives for balance in all aspects of her life and does everything she can to pass this on to her clients as well.

“Beformance is the perfect example of a comprehensive approach to weight loss that helps you shape your body the right way. The finely developed combination of workouts, supplements and a nutrition guides with healthy, delicious and simple recipes is just what you need if you swear by healthy and effective weight loss.”

Lana Mikec

AFP-Certified Personal Trainer and Nutrition Consultant

As a certified fitness professional and nutrition coach, Lana has helped people regain their health and achieve their dream figure with a balanced diet and physical activity. Her main focus is posture correction and spinal deformity reduction in people suffering from scoliosis, kyphosis and lordosis.